ZILLE Sprint is a pushchair for the new generation



A new project by Tutis is finally here to facilitate parenting for you.  ZILLE Sprint is a pushchair for the new generation – generation Z. Being functional and eye-pleasing, ZILLE represents the freedom of movement. Its incredible maneuverability combined with a contemporary style brings effortlessness and vitality into your life. Live free – stay young.


Zille Sprint offers an incredible riding comfort. High quality aluminum construction with clever shock absorption is a great combo on the road. Front wheels are lockable, back wheels are removable. Adjust the handlebar, unlock your wheels and go for a ride.

Zille Sprint is extremely ergonomic – adjustable backrest has multiple positions as well as the lie-flat option. Legrest is regulated and a footmuff is included. A headrest pillow is added to support your baby’s head. Hood has an elongation section as well as the ventilation window. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy your ride.





The team of engineers focused on durability and maneuverability. The ZIILE SPRINT stroller moves easily along the park tracks and between store shelves. The stroller is easy to navigate with just one hand.


Shock absorption is provided by new generation real-gel front wheels. The inflatable rear wheels absorb the resistance from an uneven road and eliminates any potential impact.


Also, the inflatable rear wheels are characterized by durability and softness which ensure a smooth, puncture-free ride. By adjusting the air pressure to the wheels, it is possible to adjust the softness of the chassis. These engineering solutions have been made purposefully so that consumers can move easily wherever they go.


Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds together with the frame, which makes the life of parents even easier. The folded stroller (79x56x34 cm) will easily fit in your trunk or at home. Removing the front and rear wheels of the stroller makes it even more compact (74x46x32 cm) and lighter (6,2 kg). ZILLE SPRINT is one of the lightest strollers of its type.






ZILLE SPRINT design solutions are functional and make the product easy to use. Leg cover has wind protection with a branded woven belt. Is not only a stylish element, it holds the wind cover when it is not used. Inner fabrics of the carrycot are protected with SILVER- IONTM technology, which is a great defender against bacteria and microbes.


The combinations of colours have been thought through well, and the tones are matched so that anyone could select a product that suits the person’s style or daily appearance that people love. You can choose from six different colour combinations: from safety choices to bold and bright.





One-ClickTM brake system was created for the simple and instant activation, thus ensure the highest safety. For this system, the stroller can be stopped with one click.



The front wheels can be locked or unlocked in one go. The unlocked wheels rotate easily around their axis at a 360-degree angle. They provide the chassis with extra manoeuverability, making it much easier for parents to manoeuver between shop shelves. The front wheels of the stroller can be locked. This feature is important when traveling on forest trails, sand or snow. The locked wheels of the stroller move forward or backward in the same line. This makes it easier for the stroller to move on viscous and obstacle-filled surfaces.



The strong and light aluminium frame ensures the chassis is reliable and durable. The anticorrosive characteristics of the 6061 aluminium alloy were tested in extreme conditions to ensure its robustness. In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the ZILLE SPRINT frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers.



The height of the ZILLE SPRINT chassis handlebar can be adjusted both up and down. So, both a taller father and baby’s brother or sister will adapt to a convenient option.


Adjustable handle height is especially important when we spend a long time outdoors traveling with our little one. By changing the position of the hands, one muscles can relax and allow others to work.

ZILLE SPRINT chassis handlebar and seat belt are covered in extra soft eco leather, which provides luxury and pleasant touch.



When creating ZILLE SPRINT stroller, we strive to ensure that the baby feels comfortable, cozy, and most importantly – safe. Therefore, the inner fabrics are coated following the special SILVER-IONSTM technology, due to which the fabrics become antibacterial. American Army uniforms are also processed according to this technology, to prevent any infections in case of damage.



The hoods of the ZILLE SPRINT are coated with quality of exclusive polyester that is resilient to wind, rain and snow, and quickly evaporates the moisture that builds up inside. The special antistatic finishing of the stroller fabrics protects it from soiling. High quality fabrics have UV 50+ protection that prevents fading of fabrics.



The foot-cover of the ZILLE SPRINT stroller has a protection against wind. This wind protection is attached with zippers. This allows the user to use this feature quickly and conveniently, while providing the stroller with style details.




We have integrated an additional ventilation window into the hood of the ZILLE SPRINT. This ventilation window is attached with magnets. This design detail works well to hide your little one from the sunlight and at the same time provides with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.



The ZILLE SPRINT has an extra window of fabrics that protects the baby on a windy day.



The ZILLE SPRINT and reliable sewing are optimized to the finest detail, and the noise proof hood pulls down fully to create an oasis for extremely comfortable travel. The space in the seat unit is plentiful – it’s 94 cm tall and 39 cm wide, making it 26% bigger than the standard stroller seats.



The seat unit of the ZILLE SPRINT stroller has an adjustable back that can be used even in several positions. This stroller has a lie-flat (horizontal) position of the back, which is especially important when traveling with a baby. While using a lie-flat position, the baby can fully stretch out and enjoy a sweet sleep. Meanwhile, parents can sure that their baby will wake up rested as the baby’s muscles relax and rest in the lie-flat position.



The seat unit of the ZILLE SPRINT stroller has 5-point harness system, which ensures the safety of the baby. In an effort to create maximum comfort for the baby, harness system has soft cushions with reflectors.

There are additional openings in the seat unit to move the seat belts according to the baby’s height. This allows the baby to be securely fastened and secured.



We have given high priority to safety when creating this stroller. With this in mind, we added an eco leather protective handle for the baby with an extra seat belt in the seat unit. This seat belt will prevent the baby from slipping out of the seat unit.



The seat unit of the stroller has an adjustable platform for the baby’s feet. It has several positions that can be adjusted according to the baby’s height. The platform, together with the back of the seat unit, can form a completely lie-flat position, that all the baby’s muscles can rest at the same time. The ZILLE SPRINT stroller’s leg platform has a support for the child’s legs, that they would not dangle.



There is an extra mesh pocket on the back of the ZILLE SPRINT seat unit. This extra stroller detail is especially handy for quick and easy access to smaller baby items.



The ZILLE SPRINT stroller is safe and visible in the dark. The stroller has reflectors on hood zipper’s and front wheels. Therefore, the ZILLE SPRINT stroller is always visible in the dark.



Extra-large and open shopping bag gives you the opportunity to put together the things you need when traveling.



Find out more: https://zillebaby.com/