Winter is here – are you ready?


So the weather is getting colder and colder and we can almost feel the smell of Christmassy gingerbread cookies in the air, yet this doesn’t mean the walks outside with the little one have to finish! Before the first snowflakes touch the ground, make sure you have everything you need for the winter strolls!


The comfort of a baby

The most important part of getting ready for going outside is taking care of a little baby, so he stays warm. For this reason, Tutis created some great accessories!

Tutis Cotton or Merino wool premium quality baby blankets provide extra hugs of warmth for the baby when he peacefully lies in the carrycot or watches the world from the seat unit!

Tutis baby socks are made entirely of wool – so the little feet of a little human will remain warm yet will never get too hot, because the natural materials are breathable, and baby won’t have to sweat.


The comfort of the parents


While taking care of a baby, don’t forget to take care of yourself! The hands of the mother and father always have to be soft and warm to hug a baby – that’s why they need some more warmth in wintertime! Tutis warmmuffs will keep your hands warm even when the temperature reaches as little as -20 C. What also helps us to stay warm outside is a cup of hot tea. Each Tutis stroller has a cup holder, so carrying the cup of a warm delight won‘t cause any messiness.


Maintenance of the stroller

Since the stroller is one of the companions in winter strolls outside you should also pay some attention to the preparation! Cleaning the wheels is recommended:  just remove the wheels and brush them or wash with the water, making sure there is any dirt left inside the axle of the wheel. Wiping the wheels and drying a stroller is recommended after each stroll in order to protect the stroller from condensation, mold, rust and faster wear. The wheel axles, hubs, and bearings should be lubricated with motor oils at least once a month to ensure the durability of the stroller.


Tutis strollers for the winter

Don’t have the stroller yet? Tutis is a perfect choice for winter! Created in Northern Europe it is designed to keep the baby comfortable at any weather. The carrycots of Tutis strollers are made of ArcelTM material – having thermal retention 65,6 times greater than that of a standard plastic stroller, very strong, yet extraordinary light-weighting up to 3,1 kg. The materials of the leg cover on seat unit or cradle have many layers, allowing the air circulate inside and protect the little one from the cold on the outside.