Viva life galaxy collection: pre-order now!



Tutis brand distinguished by its quality and reliability is pleased to announce the release of modern and multi-functional Viva life stroller  Galaxy collection.


Apart from this model, no one will be able to pass by indifferently, and every parent will feel that his child travels in truly magnificent comfort. 3rd generation frame with double shock absorption will satisfy even the most demanding parents while Thermocot™ carrycot in premium 3D effect fabrics will definitely stand out of the crowd!


Galaxy collection will show up in partner shops from June, but you can pre-order this collection now!





THERMO-COT™ carrycot for the future


Engineered with THERMO-COT™ technology, Viva life carrycot is the safest choice for your baby: due to thermo-regulatory response to the environment, the carrycot regulates microclimate, protects from inadequate temperature changes, prevents moisture buildup and keeps the mattress dry.


The ultra-light and spacious thermal carrycot allow the babies to enjoy both: space and comfort in all journeys. THERMO-COT™ is a special combination of polyethylene that was invented exclusively for Tutis carrycots to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. The most innovative lightweight carrycot weighs only 0.6 kg.


THERMO-COT™ material stands out by its exceptional strength, elasticity and durability. This material is usually used in the production of safety helmets for race drivers.


Due to its exceptional THERMO-COT™ properties, Viva life has a thermal carrycot. The thermal resistance of this carrycot is even 65,6 times higher than the one in the standard plastic carrycot, which guarantees comfort in both: cold and hot weather for the baby.


Chassis with a gloss finish and chrome-plated wheels



Details of the stroller harmonize well with each other – chassis with a semi-gloss finish and chrome-plated wheels give a stroller the impressive look. Chassis with a gloss finish surface is much smoother and is the most resistant to abrasion when being cleaned. This special coating makes the chassis surface more durable and resistant to staining and dirt pickup.


Chrome-plated wheels are finished just like the frame. They give a pram an impressive look. Amortized, easy folding frame with a gloss finish and shining eco-leather make VIVA life galaxy collection the best connection of exclusive design and functionalities!



3rd generation maneuverable chassis


When traveling and moving, indoors, or outdoors it is very important that the stroller folds easily and take up as little space as possible. New Tutis Viva life galaxy chassis is not only extremely compact and lightweight but also has a durable frame system. The rear shock-absorption system adapts to the baby’s weight and absorbs bumps on the road. An adjustable shock-absorption system can be set as preferred depending on the road surface to provide harder or softer absorption.


Additional shock absorption is provided by the new generation real-gel wheel. Real-gel wheels are easier to maintain, there is no need to check their pressure, there is no fear that you will puncture the wheel. The new frame may be also folded together with the seat unit, which makes the life of parents even easier. Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds together with the frame to take up 38% less space than the standard solution. The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home. In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the Tutis Viva life galaxy new frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers.





  • THERMO-COT™ carrycot
  • Special shiny eco-leather to be seen
  • Wind protection with a peek a boo window
  • Ventilation in the hood
  • Phone pocket in the leg cover
  • Internal cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology
  • Water-resistant and UV 50+ protection materials
  • Height adjustable eco-leather handle



  • 3rd generation maneuverable chassis
  • Chassis with a gloss finish
  • Chrome-plated wheels
  • ONE-CLICK™ brake system
  • Fastenable front wheels
  • Aluminum chassis


Seat unit:

  • Comfortable seat unit with lie-flat position
  • Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel
  • Double hood extension with ventilation
  • 5-point system of safety belts


What’s in the box:

  1. Carrycot
  2. Seat unit
  3. Sport chassis
  4. Cupholder
  5. The protective handle of the seat unit
  6. Mother bag
  7. Cover for carrycot
  8. Cover for seat unit
  9. Coconut mattress
  10. Rain protection
  11. Mosquito net
  12. Shopping bag