At Kids Time 2019, Tutis introduced the second edition of VIVA life stroller


On February 20 – 22, TUTIS participated in the 10th Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS’ TIME, Kielce. Kids’ TUTIS participated in the fair of children products for the second year. It was noted that the interest in TUTIS baby strollers has grown steadily every year. This time, TUTIS surprised the exhibitors by introducing a second edition of VIVA life stroller.


The TUTIS engineers, who were following the latest tendencies and innovations, were able to present new technical solutions integrated into the upgraded frame and 2nd generation ultra-light thermal cradle of TUTIS VIVA Life.


2nd generation ultra-light thermal cradle 


The ultra-light and spacious thermal cradle, lets babies enjoy both space and comfort whenever they’re out and about.

The unique part of the VIVA Life baby stroller is the thermal cradle made from Arcel material. ARCEL™ is a special combination of polyethylene materials that was invented exclusively for TUTIS cradles to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. The most innovative lightweight cradle weights only 3.1 kg.  Its thermal resistance exceeds that of the regular plastic cradle by 65.6 times and guarantees the utmost comfort for the baby in any weather.

The cradle is especially spacious so a baby may feel free even when dressed in many layers. Additionally, high and firm walls of the cradle create a safe environment for the baby.

Compact fast-folding frame


In order to improve the folding of the new VIVA Life frame, the TUTIS engineers changed the handle’s form and functionality. Now if you want to fold the VIVA Life, all you will have to do is tilt the frame’s handle and the frame will be folded easily. The changed form of the handle will make folding easier and is not in contact with the frame’s wheels, so the handle will not get dirty.

The new structure of the frame makes the renewed baby stroller TUTIS Viva Life more compact but its characteristics of lightness and firmness are preserved.

One of the most important changes in quality is related to shock-absorbers. They play a very important role in the baby stroller’s mobility. The TUTIS engineers focused on solutions that would ensure smooth journeys for you and your baby. This led to the creation of more reliable and lighter shock-absorbers.

Parents may even assess the quality of the changes visually – the appearance and the form became simpler and more compact. The regulation of shock-absorbers remains intuitively simple, the same as in the models of earlier generations: the right side is regulated clockwise and the left is regulated counter-clockwise.

While developing and improving the VIVA Life baby stroller, special attention was paid to the baby’s safety and comfort during journeys. The second edition of VIVA Life will be available in shops of TUTIS partners in late March.


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