Aero Tutis Reflective Collection – Designed to be Seen





Be seen when the sun goes down with the Aero Tutis reflective collection. Designed to make you visible during evening strolls, this collection is for parents who like to get out and explore whatever the time of day.





Eye-catching design


The reflective hood provides 360° nighttime visibility. When illuminated by a light source, the reflective parts make the stroller stand out in the dark.

The sleek design is perfect for strolls day or night and includes eye-catching ultralight thermal carrycot with attractive-looking eco-leather elements.


2nd generation ultra-light thermal carrycot 


The ultra-light and spacious thermal carrycot, lets babies enjoy both space and comfort whenever they’re out and about.

The unique part of the Aero Tutis baby stroller is the thermal carrycot made from Arcel material. ARCEL™ is a special combination of polyethylene materials that was invented exclusively for TUTIS carrycots to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. The most innovative lightweight carrycot weights only 3.2 kg.  Its thermal resistance exceeds that of the regular plastic cradle by 65.6 times and guarantees the utmost comfort for the baby in any weather.

The carrycot is especially spacious so a baby may feel free even when dressed in many layers. Additionally, high and firm walls of the cradle create a safe environment for the baby.

Aero Tutis reflective collection will be available in shops of TUTIS partners in August.


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