2nd generation Aero Tutis: what‘s new?


Aero Tutis, one of the leading strollers of the market, is coming completely renewed, yet still meeting the highest quality standards. Tutis team of engineers has been following up on the experiences of the parents and working on the solutions to make the stroller even better. We introduce you to new Aero Tutis – the stroller of the dreams: safe, durable, and delicate for the parents and the babies.


One of the features used in the strollers the most is the brakes. Because of the frequent usage and having to hold heavy loads, brakes are probably the most vulnerable part. In the new version of Aero Tutis, the aluminum is replaced with the steel and the angle of a pedal of the brake is modified. This allows us to ensure the durability of the brakes.


The new version of Aero Tutis will now contain the parts made of stronger plastic than before.  Parents will now be able to fold and unfold the frame as many times as needed without having to worry about the deterioration. The plastic has also been strengthened in the front-wheel fork. These features will ensure the durability of naturally fragile plastic parts.


The hood protects the baby from the wind, rain, and sun while traveling with the baby in the carrycot or the toddler in a seat unit, yet sometimes it is better opened for experiencing the new world. In the new version of Aero Tutis, the canopy adjuster is strengthened by even 30%, so your child will enjoy the strolls until he doesn’t use the stroller anymore.


The stroller is used by the parents as much as of the babies – that‘s why it has to be cosy and soft to touch for both. Tutis designers are continually searching for new materials to use, and one of the recent findings is applied to the handle of the new Aero Tutis. The premium quality exceptionally thin ECO leather, will now be used in covering the handle, making each stroll pleasure to your sensations.



The little one will spend the first six months of his life in the carrycot, that’s why one of the critical improvements of the stroller is an increase in the internal size of the cradle. It is made of ArcelTM  – solid, light material, which retention is  65.5 times greater than that of a standard plastic stroller. So in new Aero Tutis your baby will be warm, safe, and have enough space to develop his motor skills.