Chi siamo

It would be hardly possible to count how many babies have started their big journey in the Tutis baby carriages. Our history reaches back to 1994 when a new company selling children and baby products was incorporated. Its main goal was to provide Lithuanian parents with what they needed the most for their babies as well as to ensure that the chosen product was reliable, convenient, durable and cost-effective. Naturally, it did not take us long to come to the idea of opening our own baby carriage factory. 

And so, in 1998 our first baby carriage stroller out into the streets. Eventually, it became the main activity of the company. Today, it would not be too much to say that more than one generation of babies has literally grown up in the Tutis baby carriages. Meanwhile, the company along with the babies: having reached a great success in the Lithuanian market, it did not hesitate much to earn international recognition for its essentially original product, the Tutis travel system. Many years of experience, refined traditions and impeccable quality combined together with creative application of cutting-edge technology, technical solutions and modern design ideas are some of the factors the determined the originality of the Tutis baby carriages.

Today our company operates at the new spacious facilities. The company employs over 300 dedicated employees, and the Tutis baby carriages stroll along the streets of Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and all the European Union. We constantly expand our business, discover new friends and partners and look for fresh ideas. But on top of everything else, we simply take joy in this journey of constant improvement, enriched with greater or smaller challenges, which began almost two decades ago. Today we can rest assured because every single step or it was worth the effort. Because you are with us, and you are the ones we exist for...

Our history

  • 1994  - company is born
  • 1998  - manufacturing of baby strollers is started
  • 2000  - export started
  • 2008  - Zippy baby carriage introduced
  • 2011  - certificate of TUV achieved, quality management according to ISO 9001
  • 2013  - modern fabric cut machine is implemented
  • 2015  - welding robot installed

At present, the group employs 300 employees
Strollers are exported to 12 countries
Production workshop covers an area of 5,000 square meters
The entire production process takes place in EU countries