Tutis Viva Life

Tutis Viva Life


The baby spends a lot of time in the stroller: at home, on trip, in the park, yard, shop, or at guests….

So it is only natural that the baby pram is the first thing that the child starts to observe, to examine and which causes the child’s curiosity. It is like a big toy, in which the bay lives!

Viva Life 3/1 package includes:

  • Foldable 4 schock absorbers chassis with Real Gel™ wheels
  • Ultra light cradle
  • Seat unit
  • Car seat
  • Accessories

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Meet exceptional stroller which will create safe, luxurious and comfortable environment for every baby. Inspired by the timeless elegance, the new VIVA Life strollers focuses on ultimate comfort which ensures never-ending adventure in style. Modern system of shock-absorbers and Real Gel™ wheels makes VIVA Life the perfect choice for active families who love the outdoors - no matter if it is a city or a forest.

Modular system

Tutis "three-in-one" modular system allows you to customize a wheelchair for different situations and for different age - from birth to 3,5 years.

  A car seat, a seat unit or pram body can be installed in on the chassis. The stroller with car seat will fit for newborns. The six-month-old children can use seat unit, facing backward. From the age of one year - seat unit, facing forward.


Four shock-absorbers of chassis
They ensure especially comfortable journeys by baby stroller Tutis. No long journeys in city or nature will seem too lengthy!
Real Gel™ wheels
The tires are filled with special gel material that extends the usage period and does not cause additional worries about the wheels’ care.
ECO Leather
The leather used for baby strollers TUTIS does not contain any harmful phthalates and helps to preserve safer environment and sense of luxury for the baby.
Ultra light cradle
ARCEL™ – a special combination of polyethylene materials was invented exclusively for cradles to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. Its thermal resistance exceeds that of the regular plastic cradle 111 times and guarantees the utmost comfort for the baby at any weather.
One Click™ brakes
The brakes of single press ensure top safety and simple and fast usage of brakes.
Wind protection with window
Wind protection wall has a window, which helps to look into the inside of the cradle.
Phone pocket
A superbly convenient way to carry your phone or keys and reach it whenever it is needed. Pocket could be used to carry baby goods as well.
Waterproof fabrics
The fabrics are resistant to humidity! The external fabrics are covered by special membrane that prevents humidity from entering inside of the baby stroller. It is a perfect choice for journeys in city or nature when unexpected rain starts.
5 – point safety belts
The possible impact is distributed evenly in five directions and thus the load on the baby is reduced.
Impact absorption
The latest technologies allow creating fork of the front wheel that is flexible and absorbs resistance force of rough road and possible impact.
Aluminium frame
The strong and light aluminum frame ensures the chassis is reliable and durable. The anticorrosive characteristics of the 6061 aluminium alloy were tested in extreme conditions to ensure its robustness
Window in the hood
Special construction of the hood with removable ventilation net and panoramic window allows the baby enjoying sun and wind safely.
Internal cotton fabrics
The internal fabrics are made from cotton and provide pleasant sense of cosiness and naturalness for the interior of the baby stroller. The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fibre.
Enclosed shopping bag
The spacious and closed underseat shopping basket allows carrying all the necessary things safely and simply whenever you go in any weather.


Additional accessories

Tutis has a huge variety of various baby accesories such as blankets, coffe holders, bags for strollers and much more.

Technical characteristics

Pram body inside dimensions / weight 85x38 cm / 3,75 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight 95x39 cm / 5,5 kg
Car seat inside dimensions  / weight 71x31,5 cm / 3,2 kg
Chassis + wheels 9 kg
Folded fits into the space 85,5x59x36,5 cm