Tutis Nanni

Tutis Nanni

For light walks

Various transport means and methods were used over the years to carry babies. Times have changed, methods improved, and large and heavy prams were replaced by light weighted, more convenient baby carriages with flexible designs that allow both the little ones as well as their parents to be satisfied. We are pleased to introduce the new Tutis Nanni baby carriage. It offers security and health features for your baby that are available in all Tutis baby carriages. The Nanni is suitable for everyone. Enjoy its simplicity and quality.

Nanni 3/1 package:

  • Foldable sport chassis
  • Cradle
  • Seat unit
  • Car seat
  • Accessories
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In simplicity is geniality - Tutis Nanni has majority of the characteristics of top-class baby strollers, so it is comfortable and convenient for daily journeys in city and nature. The chassis with inflatable wheels rotating by 360 degrees will allow enjoying the ride on attractive paths in forest or park. Moreover, special embroidery and light-reflecting design elements make the baby stroller unique and visible at any time of day. The soft mattress of coconut flakes and extra protection of the cradle from wind will create safe and comfortable environment for your baby.

Modular system

Tutis "three-in-one" modular system allows you to customize a wheelchair for different situations and for different age - from birth to 3,5 years.

 A car seat, a seat unit or pram body can be installed in on the chassis. The stroller with car seat will fit for newborns. The six-month-old children can use seat unit, facing backward. From the age of one year - seat unit, facing forward.


Cradle’s wall protected from wind
Even better protection from wind for your baby.
Coconut mattress
The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fibre. It is easy to ventilate and it prevents accumulation of bacteria.
System of reflectors
Protective reflectors present in graceful lines and symbols of baby stroller for safe journey in city in dark.
Waterproof fabrics
The fabrics are resistant to humidity! The external fabrics are covered by special membrane that prevents humidity from entering inside of the baby stroller. It is a perfect choice for journeys in city or nature when unexpected rain starts.
Front revolving wheels
The front wheels of the baby stroller may rotate completely around their axes (by 360 degrees). Therefore the baby stroller is more manoeuvrable and easier to control.
Internal cotton fabrics
The internal fabrics are made from cotton and provide pleasant sense of cosiness and naturalness for the interior of the baby stroller. The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fibre that is easy to ventilate and prevents accumulation of bacteria.
Aluminium construction
The firm and light aluminium frame for reliable and comfortable chassis.
Adjustable height of the handle
The chassis’ handle may be adjusted and fixed in seven positions.
Adjustable back of the cradle
For a curious baby! When the back is bent to partially sitting position, it becomes easier for the baby to look around.
5 – point safety belts
The possible impact is distributed evenly in five directions and thus the load on the baby is reduced.


Additional accessories

Tutis has a huge variety of various baby accesories such as blankets, coffe holders, bags for strollers and much more.

Technical characteristics

Carrycot inside dimensions / weight 80x39 cm / 4,40 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions/ weight 95x39 cm / 5,3 kg
Car seat inside dimensions / weight 74x32 cm / 2,85 kg
Chassis + inflatable wheels 8,45 kg
Folded fits in space 89x60x38 cm