Frequently asked questions

 What distinguishes Tutis baby prams from other manufacturers of baby prams?

 What materials are used in manufacturing Tutis baby prams?

 Where can I find dimensions and weights of Tutis baby prams?

 How do the Tutis baby prams function?

 Was the full set of Tutis baby prams sold to me?

 Where could I acquire accessories, spare parts and adapters suitable for the Tutis baby prams?

 Is the warranty provided to Tutis baby prams?

 When is the warranty not applied to the baby prams?

 How often do periodic inspection and maintenance of baby pram have to be carried out?

 How to take care about the textile part of Tutis baby pram?

 Where to store the baby pram?

 May I push the Tutis baby pram while jogging or roller-skating?

 What additional weight could be carried on Tutis baby pram?

 Where can I repair the broken baby pram?

 Do you undertake responsibility for the quality of replaced parts of the baby pram?

 How much does it cost to repair Tutis baby pram after the expiry of the warranty period?

 How long can the repair works last?