Aero Tutis x Agne Kuzmickaite

Limited collection Aero Tutis x Agnė Kuzmickaitė is an excellent combination of comfort, luxury and exclusive design of haute couture that turns the baby stroller into a stylish and functional accessory.
Agnė Kuzmickaitė

Exclusive design

One of the most famous Lithuanian fashion designers Agnė Kuzmickaitė is distinguished by her functional conceptuality that was revealed while creating design for baby strollers. In the course of creative process, the designer was working together with engineers and designers of baby strollers “Aero Tutis” and created two different designs for baby strollers that could contribute to development of own exceptional image.

The designs of monochromic black and white colours were created for people, who value classical style, whereas design of multicoloured chord and motives of children’s drawings will suit well for the personalities, who appreciate bold style. In order to provide cosiness and softness for baby strollers, the butterflies that have already become the designer’s signature were added to the design of baby strollers. Stylish contours of the cradle’s hood, qualitative fabrics, leathern handle and exclusive design solutions – these are the elements of the baby stroller that will be appreciated by any family partial to style.

Agnė Kuzmickaitė

Innovative technical solutions

Ultra light
and secure cradle

ARCEL™ – a special combination of polyethylene materials was invented exclusively for AERO TUTIS cradles to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. It’s the most lightweight cradle ever created by the company as it only weighs 2.9 kg. Its thermal resistance exceeds that of the regular plastic cradle 111 times and guarantees the utmost comfort for the baby at any weather.

and roomy seat

The seat unit and reliable sewing are optimized to the finest detail, and the noiseproof hood pulls down fully to create an oasis for extremely comfortable travel. The space in the seat unit is plentiful – it’s 62 cm tall and 39 cm wide, making it 26% bigger than the
standard stroller seats.

100% safe

In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the AERO TUTIS frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers.

foldable frame

The exceptionally lightweight frame of the AERO TUTIS folds quickly and easily. Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds together with the frame to take up 38% less space than the standard solution. The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home.